TruReflection Studio
I love weddings! Every photo session is unique, because every couple is unique. My aim is to capture a true reflection of the beauty and passion which lies in every unity. I really get to meet some of the most amazing people.

Underwater photo sessions gives me the best adrenaline rush. It’s quite addictive and scary because you never know what you’ll get, as every model and set-up change and react differently to this medium. I love the tranquillity when my head is under water, and the fluidity and movement of fabrics. This is indeed a new world that I would love to explore more.

Documenting lives and relationships through photography is so rewarding - to be able to see and capture light, textures, emotions, memories! What a privilege to be filled with adrenaline and passion at the same time, being able to create a treasure which increases in value with time.
Jeanré - styled bridal session
Other projects
Gerrit & Mariaan underwater
Gerrit & Mariaan underwater