Mayan ritual weddings
Mayan ritual weddings
Marry or renew your vows in a beautiful Mayan ceremony. For thousands of years, the Mayan couples made long pilgrimages to have their love blessed in a beautiful ceremony in Cozumel Island, considered to be “a gate where two become one”.

Marry at the shores of Cozumel’s sea, with a shrine that represents the four elements: Fire, water, earth and air.
Joined by love, you will receive the blessings of your Shaman, Don Eduardo, in this bonding of paths that shall make you into One.

The ceremony begins with a salute to the four cardinal points with a shell. The ritual continues with letting go of the past, to be present in the Here and Now. Afterwards, the groom will hand her a synvol his love, respect, and fidelity, as the bride receives it and blesses it, promising to multiply it with her love and patience.
After this, the bride will make a toast for the love of the two of them, and the groom will toast likewise as well.
A symbol of eternal love will be given to you, represented by a living sacred being for the Mayans, a Ceiba tree, the couple, if they shall want to, can exchange rings with the help of their witnesses.
The ceremony finishes with promises delivered to the mother sea.
Includes; Table with shrine and offerings to the four elements. Symbols of the past, your love, respect and fidelity.
Location; Any beautiful, lonely beach, such as, Playa Bonita or San Martin in Cozumel. Some restaurant of beach club of your liking.

What do you need to bring; Your guests and witnesses (not a must but recommended) Comfortable clothing, appropriate for hot weather (White is recommended due to freshness) Rings, if you wish (not a must but recommended) Bouquet for the bride (not a must but recommended)
Duration; 30 to 45 minutes
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Mayan ritual weddings
San Miguel de Cozumel, Mexico
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