A Dream Story film & photography
A Dream Story film & photography
- epic moments in motion
is a project designed by Lino Carreira and Miguel Nóbrega (from Paparazis-Madeira).
Driven by our passion, we joined to tell the story of your lives.

‘We create unique wedding pictures, made with passion, for those who will join
and who value creative wedding cinematography and Photography.
We believe in the art of storytelling, those little moments that happen, the vows you say to each other, the details of the preparations untill the fi rst dance, in your expressions and gestures that tell everyone that it is the happiest day of your lives.
We believe that music is an importante part of the wedding fi lm, however just like great movies, the dialogue is what tells us the story. When touching dialogue is woven with the perfect song a truly timeless fi lm is formed.
This is what we try to provide to every couple we have the privilege of working with.
What’s your story?
We want to tell you ‘A Dream Story’.
aDreamStory - Sónia & Giovanni
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aDreamStory - Gail & José
aDreamStory - Gail & José
aDreamStory - Cláudia & Daniel
aDreamStory - Cláudia & Daniel
A Dream Story film & photography
Funchal, Portugal
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