Rev. Richard Sears
Please Marry Us was founded by nationally recognized motivational speaker, Reverend Richard. He has spoken to audiences all around the world. He married his first couple as a personal favor for a family friend. His friends and family knew his charisma, charm, and fun-loving personality, as well as his public speaking experience would really take their ceremony to the next level. And, it did!

Richard realized he really enjoyed sharing such a special moment with couples, meeting families, and just supporting couples in such a memorable time in their lives.

As a Wedding Officiant, Celebrant and ordained Non-Denominational Minister, Reverend Richard thoughtfully creates and conscientiously delivers wedding ceremonies for couples of all faiths and traditions throughout the Carolinas; non-denominational, spiritual, religious, inter-faith or civil/secular. We work to reflect your uniqueness as a couple, respecting your beliefs, traditions, and values.

Reverend Richard puts his heart into his work, and you will witness that the minute you meet him. He thoroughly enjoys a fun and inspiring couple who trust him with their personal story. We seek couples who desire to co-create a truly unforgettable lifetime moment for their family and friends – a loving couple of any background, path and tradition to marry - a couple we would love to know better as a friend for a moment in time or possibly for life.

Working together, Reverend Richard takes full responsibility for crafting, writing and delivering your ceremony in an authentic and loving presentation at a location of your choice. It’s important that the words and “feel” of your ceremony reflect your loving partnership. We look forward to sharing with you how we will gather and collect the pieces of your relationship to build your inspiring and romantic wedding ceremony.
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