Alluring Faces Bridal Beauty
Alluring Faces owner is a connoisseur in the art of Bridal beauty, and sets high standards in providing the best service . She can create any style from Modern to Vintage for all Brides . What makes Lisa unique and different from other artist is her ability to work with all skin tones, custom blending both airbrush and traditional foundation. She is able to handle all hair textures, from straight, curly, natural ethic hair and hair extensions. As a veteran artist, Lisa's innovative and creative thinking has helped many bride's conceal difficult issues regarding both hair and skin conditions. Lisa believes that a confident bride is a beautiful bride, and helping her reach that moment of perfection is priceless. Lisa's goal is to help bring your vision to life, which she has successfully done for numerous brides since 2003. Captivate your guest and your groom with Alluring Faces Bridal Makeup and Hair Service. Lisa is an award winning artist with an impeccable reputation of providing RED CARPET elegance nothing less. Lisa Lee has 20 years of experience, and is one of the most sought after artist in South Florida
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