Banda Sigla team of musicians
Banda Sigla team of musicians
The Band S.I.G.L.A. Already has more than 10 years to animate events.

Composed of a team of musicians from various sectors of the music scene, musicians with more than fifteen years of experience playing live, Banda S.I.G.L.A. Is endowed with a versatility that makes it the perfect choice for the musical animation of any type of event.

From soft-jazz to light music, not forgetting Latin music, the repertoire of Band S.I.G.L.A. Adapts to any situation, be it a small private party or a camp.

With a 100% satisfaction rate, Banda S.I.G.L.A., more than a bet, is the guarantee of animation!

We perform performances in any type of event, as well as we have all the technical and human means to carry out the same.

Our vast repertoire allows us to be prepared for any festive occasion, but it is also expandable, so we are receptive to preparing the songs that you like or that marked a particular moment of your life.

Currently Band S.I.G.L.A interprets musical styles as:

Light music, popular music, blues, rock, pop, latin, waltz, twist, funk, traditional music, etc.

Our vocalists sing in different languages ​​allowing us to play songs by artists such as:

Beatles, Abba, Quim Barreiros, Ana Carolina, Carlos Paião, Bruno Mars, Nirvana, Roberto Leal,
Herman Jose, Gloria Estefan, Emanuel, José Malhoa, Credence, Gun's n Roses, Pearl Jam, Los Hermanos, Ivete Sangalo, Lucas and Mateus, Zéze de Camargo, Daniela Mercury, Elvis Costelo, António Correia Marques,
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Banda Sigla
Banda Sigla
Banda Sigla team of musicians
Braga, Portugal
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