Suzanne M. Smith floral designs
Suzanne M. Smith floral designs
Artisan Eco friendly Floral designs for Weddings and Special events. Over 25 years award winning experience . Bring your event vision to life!
Suzanne M. Smith Is an award winning floral designer.
Her Artisanal hand crafted and Eco friendly approach to Weddings and Special Events has been an ongoing venture for over 25 years.
Suzanne is a third Generation designer with a vast knowledge of the Wedding , Art and fashion Industry.
She was raised "amid the petticoats" of her Families Los Angeles based Bridal Salon.
As a college student she broke with the family business and studied Photography, Design and Art.
Which took her in a different creative direction as a Costume designer to Ice skaters & Rock Stars.
In the mid 80's she returned to the family business and established her Popular event Design Studio In Huntington Beach, and in 2012 opened her latest studio In Temecula's Wine Country in So California. Always Gaining floral and event experience from hundreds of fabulous client events.
Spring wedding Secluded garden
Wedding floral decor
Outdoor white wedding ceremony decor
Outdoor wedding photo session decor
Outdoor white long wedding dresses
White rose wedding bouquet
Wedding reception decor
Other projects
Artisan Bouquets
Artisan Bouquets
Peltzer Pumpkin Farm wedding
Peltzer Pumpkin Farm wedding
Military-Jewish wedding fall
Military-Jewish wedding fall
Suzanne M. Smith floral designs
Temecula, United States of America
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