Rev. Jewel Alexander, M.A.
Rev. Jewel Alexander, M.A.
Your Wedding Day will be one of the most extraordinary days of your life!

To share your vows and commitment in ceremony with family and friends is a significant act and a fulfilling day of promise.

Let the day be exalted! Let the love between you be exalted! And let the words said that day be deeply meaningful, memorable, and, when remembered years later, be a true reminder, bringing renewal to your heartfelt commitment.

And let the location chosen offer you the sacred ground on which to take your vows and embark upon the side by side path…

Your Perfect Day...

Jewel has created for you a deeply honoring ceremony respecting all people and paths. It is a declaration and celebration of individual persons and purposes uniting to support one another in lasting love...

And you are graciously invited to bring your own words or vows to build the ceremony truest to your specific needs, dreams and whims.

About Rev. Jewel:

Rev. Jewel Alexander is an interspiritual new thought minister, writer, and educator.

In her work, she shares insights revealed in contemplative practice and lifelong study in the fields of spirituality, psychology, science and consciousness, Rev. Jewel shares the transformational nature of self awareness, or “self-awakeness”, with the world.

Known to some as “The Seeker’s Guide”, she specializes in mentoring people into states of greater self-realization and presence; she works to wake people up to their true selves. Her spiritual guidance, writing, and gentle wisdom serve to help people develop consistent capacities for increased, sustainable well-being, connection, creativity, compassion, gratitude, joy, and love.

She performed her first wedding ceremony in 1980 in the beautiful Cascade Mountains of Oregon.

A message from Rev. Jewel: "I so look forward to talking to you about your remarkable wedding day! Call 505 473 0339 or email

From my heart to yours, Rev. Jewel"
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Wedding photo session ideas
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Outdoor black groom style
Rev. Jewel Alexander, M.A.
Santa Fe, United States of America
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