Blush Till Dawn
My dream was to help people feel good.
I thought it took helping sick people to get me where I needed to be.
However, my heart is too big and my mind too wild to stay in the medical field and be saddened by the dark points of life's most precious moments.
I decided helping people feel better wasn't just about when you are sick, or down, or hurting.
It's even when you're happy, smiling, and feeling lovely.
This is why I decided to do makeup professionally.
I've always loved art.
Painting, music, poetry, sketching.
To turn a blank canvas into something even more stunning.
I wanted to give the moment to someone who was feeling "unpretty" or down about themselves.
I'm here to lift you up!
To make you feel confident and beautiful like everyone should feel.
Because everybody is.
Life is a lot like art.
And just like in art,
I am here to make you feel something.
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Outdoor wedding photo session ideas
Outdoor wedding photo session ideas
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