Souza filmes
We are brothers Gonçalo and João, and Souza Filmes was born of our pleasure on shooting together. We came up in 2013 with this identity, but it’s like it had always existed, given all the projects we developed since kids.
It is very easy to work with us. We are called Souza and we do Films.

We genuinely enjoy filming wedding days. We like to do it because of the good general mood, the taste with which everything is prepared, the challenge of improvisation, but mainly because we know we’re creating with our film, a very vivid memory of that day! Portfolio here.
We are well aware that the big day represents months of preparation, anticipation and a lot of stress. And it is with that awareness that we - Goncalo and João - combine our work with the photographers, allowing everything to flow in a genuine way. We like to find moments of humour and casualness, in the most non evasive way.
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SouzaFilmes Team
SouzaFilmes Team