Elite Events Athens
Elite Events Athens
Bespoke Events of a different class! Now your life has a 'theme'! Elite Events Athens began in London and in collaboration with Elite Events London each event is treated as a unique creation!

Specializing in themed events, Elite Events Athens team has the magic touch and can transform your venue into whatever your imagination dictates. In this way your event acquires identity, and the result corresponds perfectly to your personality .

For each event , the company takes care of venue (and church) research and selection, decoration and layout , catering, happenings, favors and invitations ( unique creations of Elite Events for clients with special taste and aesthetics ) , helps you choosing wedding dress ( exclusive partnerships with bridal salons ) , gifts for your guests, music (dj and live) , lighting , sound, and services such as photography , filming , reception , seating arrangement, parking, special transports etc.

The company also specializes in Destination Weddings with exclusive partnerships in Athens, Santorini , London , Florence and Tuscany , organizing for you a special honeymoon , an original event on yacht, a journey for a surprise wedding proposal where all the happenings and activities will have common denominator originality and unique sense of luxury .

Indulge in ... Elite Events magic hands and enjoy an event beyond the ordinary!
Sifnos Thistle Wedding
Elite Events Athens
Athens, Greece
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