Tancredi Restaurant N' Drinks
Tancredi Restaurant N' Drinks
The Wedding Receptions hosted at the Tancredi stand out for their elegance and sobriety.

There is the Bride and Groom arriving at the private car park:
the party can now be started with cocktails served on the first floor terrace suspended between the blue of the sky and the lake.
A band of musicians accompanies the finger food buffet-style and on tray, while barmen serve wine, cocktails and long drinks.
On the ground floor, the imperial table is ready for the arrival of the Newlyweds in the glass dining room offering unbroken views over the beautiful gardens and lake as there are no walls but only glass doors.
The attentive and discreet waiters can now start serving the Wedding Dinner. The menu has been directly decided by the Newlyweds with the Chefs, with particular attention to the seasonality of the ingredients, rigorously fresh and of the highest quality. The dishes' presentation arouses wonder and joy: colours, variety and fragrances convey all the passion of the Tancredi’s cuisine.
Now is the time of the Toast and of the Wedding Cake, a really exciting and loving moment ... how many months have passed since that first time when the Newlyweds have come to the Tancredi to meet the staff, asked suggestions and allowed themselves to be confidently guided up to this happy moment of cutting the cake... how very exciting!
The party backdrop begins to darken, only to be lit by the moon’s reflection on the lake, the garden torches and the distant lights of the Veronese coast: the joy is now unstoppable. The Bride and Groom have led the dances in the glass dining room and are now twirling among the Guests in the gardens, where there is the open bar and the dessert buffet: cupcakes, petit fours, selections of crèmes brûlées, sorbets, ice creams…
It is all so wonderful!
It is already 1:30 in the morning and it's time to return home; a little tired but truly happy.

Thank you for having chosen the Tancredi, thanks for the gratifying satisfaction
Wedding Reception
Tancredi Restaurant N' Drinks
Sirmione, Italy
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