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Brotherhood Gospel Choir
Brotherhood Gospel Choir
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Make your wedding special with the warm and colourful harmonies of contemporary gospel!!!
The music accompaniment of the wedding celebration is a very important element which you don’t want to underestimate. It is the soundtrack of the most important moments in the ceremony, even when you say your “yes”, that will always remain in your memory.
A Gospel Wedding will give a fresh and original touch to your day making the atmosphere joyful but sober. Gospel is indeed the message taught by Jesus and you will find His testimony in the lyrics of the songs that we will sing during the nuptial celebration, together with catchy and enchanting harmonies, are perfect for every moment of the ceremony and create an exciting and unforgettable atmosphere.
By choosing our gospel choir you will give a fresh and original touch to your wedding.
We are available for wedding in North Italy and Italian Switzerland. For your wedding we offer a 4 element or 9 element choir, according to the church dimension and your budget. We always guarantee a professional performance.
Brotherhood Gospel Choir Wedding
Brotherhood Gospel Choir
Novara, Italy