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Atelier Patrizia Cavalleri
Atelier Patrizia Cavalleri
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Patrizia Cavalleri after having graduated in Fashion Design at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, opens her own business. An all-female company.

She, owner and designer, has only women employees. An "all pink" company where ideas continue to evolve in a atmosphere of peace and familiarity.

It is a particular satisfaction for who like us, believe that women are resourceful, ready to innovation and able to always look forward.

This is the starting point of work for Patrizia Cavalleri and its reflected in her creations, designed for a woman like this: modern, always different, ready to changes in fashion, but also of life.

Attention to new trends, innovation in fabrics, laces, colors, details makes each piece a work of art. A collection of author, still crafted for the care and effort put into the work, but also always innovative because to move with the times, with the evolution of fashion. All materials chosen by the designer for the realization of her collections are rigorously Made in Italy, from Como silks and Biella for wool. A choice that makes each garment produced in her tailoring a 100% made in Italy. All our wedding dress are made by mesure. 100% made in Italy.
Every product created in our company is not only a wedding dress, a sweater or a skirt or an accessory, but is a set of emotions and feelings. This is the uniqueness of our collections: each creation is a "piece of us, born from the commitment by each day, this is Patrizia Cavalleri’s philosophy.

Each garment is never equal to another because finishes, buttons, stones or crystals, wrists or necks, differ in particulars, but also and especially because each creation springs from the idea of the moment, constantly evolving.
Patrizia’s Cavalleri atelier, offers something different every day for this. Exclusiveness and limited edition pieces make them unique and suitable for those who never want to be like the other.
Atelier Patrizia Cavalleri
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Atelier Patrizia Cavalleri
Atelier Patrizia Cavalleri
Atelier Patrizia Cavalleri
Lainate, Italy