Jonathan Gibson Photography
Jonathan Gibson Photography
Photographs are important. They are quiet documents of moments both monumental and personal. They help us remember and relive those moments.

Wedding are about family. Every time the Father dances with his daughter I fast forward 20 years when my daughter will be all grown up. I am tuned in to those moments that are emotionally charged and tell a story about the family and wedding day.

I believe in beauty, but I also believe in meaning. I’m interested in creating and finding those moments that reflect the essence of your event. Yes, we’ll get some images where you look gorgeous, but I’ll also focus on images that have soul and transcend the beauty of the day.

I take photos, paint, and design. I feel that doing all three is like creative cross-training. I also am a father of three and a husband. I teach Photography and Graphic Design at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. You won’t find any other photographer who has a graduate degree in Art (Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY) and teaches it full-time.

I rarely tell people to pose or say cheese. Don’t worry if you’re not a model, photogenic, or even enjoy getting your picture taken. Just be yourself and I’ll do the rest. I have a relaxed way of working that will help everyone stay calm on your big day. One Bride said I’m like her psychiatrist.
Jonathan Gibson Photography
Cincinnati, United States of America
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