Mariachi Tradicion de Jalisco
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We are Houston's Best mariachi Band . We offer different options and ensembles that vary in price range. We can perform as a 3 piece Mariachi Band Or even as a 12 piece mariachi Ensemble . On saturdays , We usually Perform as a piece Band but feel free to ask about different options Or if you have a budget We can try and accomodate and do our best to help .We also do serenades of 6 Songs , 30 minute Performance and an Hour Performance Or various hours. We perform at any type of event such as weddings , parties, birthdays, funerals, shows and many many more. Feel free to Call us and We Hope to be part of your Event !

These are some of the options in Houston for any day depending on availability expect for saturdays. Saturdays we only do the 7 piece band but we can do a smaller group if its before 6pm but also depends on availability.
Grey groom style
Grey groom style