Sound Effect Band
The Sound Effect band has been working in the music industry since 1978, providing entertainment for private engagements, clubs, fairs, and fund-raisers. Sound Effect plays a variety of styles including Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Pop, Funk, Rock and Jazz and pride themselves on their dedication to truly LIVE music. All instruments are played live and NO pre-recorded background tracks are never used at any live performances. Each individual’s outstanding talent shines through at each performance and allows the freedom to change up the groove at any given moment. This keeps them fresh and that much more ready to give you a show you’ll never forget! The fact that the core members of the group have been together for over 20 years makes this possible. Having performed together for so many years also gives them the personality and “tightness” that distinguishes them from any other group. Fans become more like family and the infectious vibe they give off becomes uniquely their own. Some of the artists Sound Effect has opened in concert for are: Lakeside, Mary Jane Girls, Big Mountain, Tierra
Sound Effect
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