Portland Wedding Lights
Portland Wedding Lights

Create a stunning visual memory of your wedding with spectacular lighting! We’ll work with you to transform your wedding venue into the magical, romantic wonderland of your dreams. Portland Wedding Lights offers its unique color wash uplighting service that will set your ballroom, tent or event center aglow in beautiful velvety ambers, reds, blues, violets. . . We can “paint” your space any color(s) you can imagine! Our full color-wash will engulf your entire ballroom, creating a truly awesome impression when your guests walk in; and they’ll go home with a visual memory of your celebration that they’ll keep forever!

In addition to color-wash uplighting for walls and ceilings, we offer:

Under-table uplighting: We install fixtures under tables, setting them aglow in a dimmed room;
String Lights (also known as café lights, bistro lights or market lights): Perfect for elegant but rustic designs. (tents, barns, backyard receptions, event centers)
Pin spot lighting: Call special attention and add value to your cake and centerpieces.
Wedding monogram (also known as a gobo): project your names or initials on your dance floor or wall.
Our wireless fixtures are perfect for corporate events and holiday parties, too. We have designed lighting for country weddings, vineyard weddings, barn weddings, tent weddings, and other wedding celebrations in natural settings.

See examples of our work: http://portlandweddinglights.com/gallery.html

We offer a range of lighting packages for every budget.
Color-wash Uplighting
Portland Wedding Lights
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