Staging Blooms Floral Artistry
Staging Blooms Floral Artistry
We, at Staging Blooms, ensure that you get the loveliest bouquet in your momentous day because "We Stage Your Flowers with Elegance".

We are in the event planning side of the industry but we have always loved personalizing the bouquets of our brides and we base it on their personalities. We started creating bouquets for our own brides in the 3rd quarter of 2012 until our beloved Maniya got interested in our services, loved it and spread the word at WeddingsAtWork. From then on, out pour of inquiries flooded our inbox. We are forever thankful for the opportunity opened before us - thus, adding Staging Blooms in the line of services that its mother company Staging Inspirations offer.

For appointments, you may contact us through or via mobile: +639177543660.

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Mendoza-Cortez Wedding
Staging Blooms Floral Artistry
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