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Reception performance
Boston, United States of America Sean Davies
The core of our strength lies in uncompromising performances based on a finely curated repertoire and delivered with an authentic vibe. We’ve developed this approach through years of experience on the Boston wedding band scene. We work aggressively each and every year to improve what we offer folks, and that commitment isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Bottom line, we take this line of work really seriously.
Buffet catering, price per person
Boston, United States of America
Bon Me offers delivery catering for your wedding and services. Our delivery catering will come to your venue to set up a buffet service for your guests to pick and choose from exactly what they would like to enjoy. Choose any assortment of entrees, sides, drinks, and desserts in exactly the quantities you need. We have various sizes of tins and platters so that you can choose the visual appeal and volume of food that you would like. The minimum for our delivery service is a food order. Contact us today about what we can do for you, and make sure to check out our website at for more information and a detailed menu. Please note that taxes and fees may be applied. Order include all plates, serving utensils, and paper goods necessary, however, we do not provide tables, linens, or any ornamental fixtures. Nothing needs to be returned at the end of the service for easy clean up and low hassle.
Truck service
Boston, United States of America
Celebrate your special day with one of our colorful trucks serving your guests! With this package, one of our trucks travels to your wedding venue to deliver food from our truck to the wedding party. Guests will approach the truck itself rather than our staff leaving the truck to serve into the crowd. For your menu, you can pick and choose which of our standard entrees to provide, or we can bring our entree menu of sandwiches, noodle salads, rice bowls, and salads at no additional cost. All entrees come with the guest's selection of chicken, pork, or tofu fillings. You may also choose from the following sides, drinks, and desserts to supplement your wedding menu. Sides: Deviled tea eggs with spicy mayo and scallions Edamame with star anise sea salt Drinks: Thai basil limeade Spicy ginger lemonade Vietnamese iced coffee Thai iced tea Iced green tea Desserts: Chocolate rice pudding Key lime panna cotta with coconut ginger crumble Black sesame chocolate chip cookies Coconut macaroons Macha green tea shortbread cookies With our price minimum, what we provide depends upon the number of guests you have. Please refer to the following: For crowds up to: 50 people - entree plus four sides/drinks/desserts per guest 60 people - entree plus three sides/drinks/desserts per guest 80 people - entree plus two sides/drinks/desserts per guest 100 people - entree plus one side/drink/dessert per guest 120 people - entree per guest We can accommodate crowds larger than 120 people. Additional entrees are $10 per guest. Additional sides, drinks, and desserts are $2.50 per guest. Contact us today about how we can make your special day exactly how you would like it to be. We look forward to providing you the fun, flavorful service you are hoping for. MA meals tax, hospitality fee, travel fee, and late night fees may apply.
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Book your wedding online securely with PayPal or credit/debit card