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Transportation packages Portimão, Portugal

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Wedding transportation + half day photo session
Portimão, Portugal
Vintage Style in your Wedding Party Why not give a vintage and original style to your wedding and include a Classic Sidecar in your party? Be original and arrive with a unique grace at your wedding! Surprise your guests and arrive in style to your wedding. The transport service for Wedding with Bike my Side includes: Driver Insurances and Fuel Transportation (bride or groom or both) on the route from home to the place of the religious or civil ceremony / party site. Photo session during the day until the start of the party. Local tours with some selected guests (Groomsmen, Parents and Ladies of Honor) in the party surroundings.
3 hours Sidecar hire
Portimão, Portugal
Value includes: 3 hours presence (50 euros per additional hour). Driver Insurances and fuel Transportation (Groom or Bride or even both) from hotel to church and to “Vin d’honneur” site. Photo session at “Vin d’honneur” site or nearby.
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Book your wedding online securely with PayPal or credit/debit card