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Wedding ceremony photography
Findhorn, United Kingdom
This package is for just the two of you, or the two of you with witnesses. We can prepare in person or via phone, email, Skype or FaceTime. Will is a very unique individual - not only is he an ordained interfaith minister and wedding celebrant, he is also a wedding photographer, and in this package he had the bright idea to combine his gifts to offer young or retired or couples on a budget a really amazing deal. This ceremony option is available all year round but only on Wednesdays and only on Findhorn Beach in Moray and £100 secures your date with the £400 balance due 2 weeks before the ceremony date. The time of the ceremony would be tide dependent - we recommend it's when the tide is out so your photos show both the beautiful golden sandy beach as well as the colours and textures of the millions of pebbles that form the top part of the beach. The short ceremony would include your personal vows and a simple hand tying if wished, then couple photos on the beach for around half an hour afterwards - clearly Will can't take photos during the ceremony but if you have friends or family as witnesses present they can take photos during if you would like (with your or their own cameras). On top of the fees for Will to hold the ceremony and photos, you can expect to pay £70 to the local council for your legal application, and £60 (£30 each) if you need two legal witnesses (you can also bring two friends or family members to act as your witnesses). Also if coming from overseas and you need a visa you will have to pay a visa application fee. If you wish to make payments online using BACS or PayPal please note that these methods of payment charge commission for using their services.
Wedding ceremony — Elope to Scotland package
Findhorn, United Kingdom
We are a husband and wife team and we offer this ceremony and photo package to couples who want to elope i.e. come to the Highlands or North of Scotland just the two of them. We offer this particular inclusive package at a reduced price of our usual ceremony and photography fees. The package is available Monday to Thursday and is available at any time of day at your choice of location choosing from four different locations local to us in Moray - a beautiful beach, a choice of two ruined castles, and ancient woods. The package includes a legal or non legal Celtic wedding ceremony including a simple hand binding ritual and sharing a drink of whisky from a quaich. You choose your own personal vows or we can suggest vows for you. The package also includes photos of your ceremony from your arrival at the ceremony location, during the ceremony, and around the ceremony location afterwards. If coming from overseas we can prepare your ceremony using email, phone, Skype or FaceTime as needed. Your date is secured by payment of a 250 GB pounds deposit and the filling in of a booking form, then we confirm all the details of your booking in writing and begin the preparation process of your ceremony with you. The balance payment of 500 GB pounds is due 2 weeks before the day of your ceremony or you can arrange to pay on the day. We can provide ceremony ritual items as needed - tartan ribbon or fabric for the hand binding for you to keep, and a quaich to borrow for the ceremony and whisky or apple juice for you to drink. We can offer this package as a betrothal (i.e. engagement) ceremony, or as a vow renewal. We can offer this package plus additional travel costs at several other locations. We can offer additional ideas for where to hold your ceremony local to us, where to stay, and where to have a celebration meal - also help you find a piper, flowers and get hair and make up done. We also offer bespoke ceremony and photography services tailor made to your wishes and needs, on any available date, and at any location in Scotland - please contact us for further details. TO MARRY LEGALLY If you wish to marry legally you will need 2 legal witnesses and to make an advance legal application to marry in Scotland - we can advise what you need to do when. You may also need a Marriage Visa or a Certificate of No Impediment. These aspects of a legal ceremony may all incur additional costs. We can provide one legal witness in our wedding package as detailed above. Your legal application will involve a fee payable by you to the local council of around 70 GB pounds. Depending on where you live you may need to pay a fee to UK immigration for a Marriage Visa. We can provide a second legal witness as needed - a payment of 30-50 GB pounds would be payable to the witness by you on the day.
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Wedding reception
Elgin, United Kingdom
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