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Santa Ana, Costa Rica
Wedding Catering Package with on site Chefs from India for the exotic memorable dining experience. Choice of Meat, vegan and celiac dishes.. Fresh Indian Drinks, 3 Starters, 3 choicest Main Course Curries, Basmati Rica, fresh and warm Naan Bread, Dessert.. Look for our menu: Paalak Paneer Cubo de queso cottage en salsa liviana de espinaca, jengibre у ajo Cottage Cheese cubes en healthy sauce of spinach, ginger and garlic. Daal Makhni Lentejas cocinadas a base de crema dulce, tomate у mantequilla. Especialidad del Norte. North Indian Specialty, overnight cooked black Lentils in Butter, Cream & Tomatoes. *> Rice <* Basmati Jeera Pulao Look for our menu: Welcome Beverage <* Vaso de bebida natural de la India Natural Indian Drink *> Appetizers <• Papadam Tortilla delgada de lentejas asadas Roasted, thin, disc Shaped, bread of lentils Samosa Empanadas rellcnas con papas Pastry filled with our special savoury potatoes Pakoras Bolas de vegetales picados empanizados con harina de lentejas Mix Vegetables balls cooked with lentil flour *> Main Course <• Butter Chicken Polio Tandoori deshuesadoen salsa de maranon, tomate у condimentos Boneless tandoori chicken pieces cooked in sauce of Cashew, Tomato and condiments Aromatico arroz basmati con semillas de comino Aromatic Basmati Rice cooked with cumin seeds *> Bread <* Garlic Naan or Butter Naan Pan recien horneado con ajo о mantequilla. Refined Flour Bread Baked in Tandoor with Garlic or butter •> Dessert <• Gulab Jamun Bolitas de queso cottage rellenas con pistacho у azafran. con jarabe. Cottage Cheese balls stuffed with pistachio and saffron, with syrup