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Transportation packages San Pedro (Belize), Belize

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1 week rental on premium 4 seater cooler carts
San Pedro, Belize
1 week rental on our Premium 4 Seater Cooler Carts with in-seat Cooler for your Beverages!
Wedding car hire for 4 days
San Pedro, Belize
Coconut Carts Belize is Proud to be the Number 1 Ranked and Rated Golf Cart Company in Belize. We feature the phenomenal Buy 4 Days Get 3 Free for $299 USD so 4-7 Days the Price is the Same! to book your Premium Coconut Cart(s)! Looking forward to seeing you in Beautiful Belize! Selina, Terry, and Axel...
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Book your wedding online securely with PayPal or credit/debit card