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Transportation packages Sacramento (California), United States of America

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2 hours carriage rental
Sacramento, United States of America
Price Cost will depend on wedding site, Sacramento will be different than Stockton or San Francisco. White Vis-a-Vis Carriage Ruby Red Interior for up to 2 hours use quoted cost includes all travel costs (mileage, fuel etc), travel time, set up time are included in the quoted cost. Travel time, setup time and tear down time are not part of the 2 hour use time. and there will be no charge for them. Your 2 hours are counted as follows - you give me a start time of say 4:00 pm, we are there ready to start no later than 3:55 pm. At 4:00 pm the clock on the 2 hours starts and runs till 6:00 pm. Time waiting for your re boarding at during or after the ceremony or for pictures is part of your 2 hours
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Wedding car hire
Sacramento, United States of America
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Book your wedding online securely with PayPal or credit/debit card