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Cocktail menu consulting and glassware rental
Oakland, United States of America
Cocktail Menu Consulting: Let us help you create the cocktail menu of your dreams for your big day! Whether you want tried-and-true traditional drinks or creative craft cocktails, we’ll elevate your drink offerings above the typical wedding fare. Tap into our wealth of alcohol knowledge, most notably of Japanese whisky, sake, and vermouth. Glassware Rental: Let us outfit your entire wedding banquet and bar with our elegant Umami Mart glassware. We offer our Diamond Cut Highball Glasses and Hard Strong Petal Coupe Glasses for rental, so you can be sure all your guests will drink—and clink—in style! Have Questions? Call us at during business hours to speak to an Umami Mart staff member. (Yes, a real-life person will help you—not a robot!) Or send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.