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Wedding officiants packages Norwalk (Connecticut), United States of America

Price per guest, USD
Wedding officiant for ceremony with a rehearsal
Norwalk, United States of America
Prices do vary depending on location. Serving Ct and N.Y. Here are the services that I provide. Consultation. I can meet with you at your convenience to go over all aspects of your ceremony. I meet couples here in my Norwalk home. We can view sample vows and I will explain the legal requirements for getting your marriage license. I provide you with the marriage application for town hall. This is the sheet of your information that the town clerk will use to draw up the marriage license. Vows. I have many sets of vows to choose from. I will personalize the set of your choice. I will also add anything that you may want to add. The Rehearsal: This is optional as it is another day of service. I will coordinate your procession and recession. I work with your photographer to make sure everything and everyone is symmetrical. I also consult with your musicians and or DJ to make sure all music cues are met. Lastly, I consult with the venue rep to make sure your wishes are met. The Ceremony: I make sure that the ceremony is as flawless as possible. With professionalism and a touch of humor (nothing over the top) everyone will enjoy themselves. I make sure that parents, grandparents and family members are congratulated at the end of the ceremony after the recession. I am very friendly and personable. My fee for the ceremony is $275.00, with a rehearsal the total for both days would be + $100.00. I accept credit cards and you can pay safe and secure with Paypal right from my web site. Once that is done your dates are booked. I would like to suggest that whomever you decide to use you secure your date as soon as possible. I may not get a call for this date until your wedding month but then again I may get a call tomorrow or in an hour. I never know. As you may know, legally all you two have to do is agree to marry each other everything else is pomp and circumstance. Which means you can do, say and have any type of wedding that your heart desires. Can I answer any further questions for you? Thank you, Justice Dan Brookshire