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"Best of Valencia" food truck package
Norwalk, United States of America
VALENCIA LUNCHERIA catering food truck option $27 per person, minimum of 50 guests ***requires Food Truck service Choice of: 3 different types of Arepas & 3 different types of Empanadas ***comes with chopped salad Latina, white rice, black beans, sweet plantains Empanada Choices Chicken Tamarillo Spinach & Cheese Black Bean & Cheese Chipotle Pork Chorizo & Pepper Three Cheese Curried Cauliflower & Ricotta Beef Picadillo Ham & Cheese Cubano Caprese Cheeseburger Arepa Choices Aphrodite (mango & avocado) BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo) Brie & Mango Carne Mechada (shredded beef) Casio (mozzarella, tomato, basil) Chef (chipotle jalapeno cheese steak) Chicken Tamarillo (chicken stew) Chorizo Domingo (spinach, bacon, onion, queso) Domino (black bean, queso blanco) Dulce (fennel seed, melted queso) Erik (ham, brie, mango) Ham & Cheese Jenny (chicken, cheese, spinach) Josie (peanut butter & jelly) La Bonita (avocado, queso) Lu (bacon, queso, avocado) Pernil (Venezuelan pork roast) Real Deal (chorizo, mozzarella) Reina (chicken salad, avocado) Ruby (plantain, queso) Spinach & Cheese Vivian (dulce de leche, banana) Zach (crispy chicken, honey) “Maybachs” add a $1 per person, per option Carlo (fennel arepa, chicken, avocado, queso) Jax (bacon arepa, peanut butter, plantains) New Mel (scallion arepa, smoked salmon, cream cheese) Sloppy Mikey (queso &cheddar arepa, carne molida, salsa rosa) TOTGA (everything arepa, ground beef, bacon, cream cheese) Valencia Luncheria 164 Main Street, Norwalk, CT 06851 catering, restaurant Valencia Luncheria Catering Contract: Valencia Luncheria requires a 50% deposit to reserve the event. Final guest count will be required 7 days prior to event in order to place orders for food and to secure the staff. Once the minimum number is set, the client may increase the guest count, but not reduce. Any event on deposit that is canceled prior to 7 days of the event will result in a $100 administrative fee. The balance of the deposit, minus $100, will be refunded. Any event canceled within 7 days of the event will not be refunded the original 50% deposit. The final bill payment is required 7 days prior to event. Any additions for a remaining balance in between 7th day and event will be paid in full at that time. First proposal, second proposal, and corresponding bill estimates are complementary. Additional proposals, meetings, and phone calls may be pro-rated at a charge of $65/hr. The menu and number of staff for this event is based on the number of guests at the time of your deposit. If the guest count increases or decreases significantly, a price adjustment may be made to the menu and the number of staff may need to vary to ensure proper service. If the client’s serving ware, glassware, or china is used for the event, Valencia is not responsible for the replacement of any items damaged in the course of normal use and washing. Valencia does not provide any serving pieces. Rentals are the sole responsibility of the client. All rental charges will be paid directly to the rental company. We will be happy to assist in making rental choices and suggestions once a deposit is taken. Food Truck hires: Food Truck will provide boats for service and plastic wares catered off the truck. It is the clients decsion to provide alternate plates and wares. Rain Dates for Food Truck will be rescheduled at the availabilty of the Food Truck. Options for days will be provided to the client. Alternate option of a drop and set or catering staff can be arranged if a rain date is not possible. Decisions on a rain date would need to be decided upon within 2 days prior to event.
Wellness training sessions up to six people
Norwalk, United States of America
The “Say I Do to a Fitter You” Wellness Program will get you in the best shape of your life for your big day. With a focus on total wellness, we are there to help you reshape both the body and mind to ensure you achieve your desired results and empower you to make better choices so you feel and look your best at your wedding and beyond. Register today through either of the following options: Call and get started with Mike Gulyas, owner of Born Ready Fitness & Wellness Visit and click the “Get Started” icon located on the home page, we will get back to you immediately! If you are a bride, mother-of-the-bride, bridesmaid or anyone who needs to get in great shape quickly for a wedding, our “Say I Do to a Fitter You” Bridal Wellness Training Program is perfect for you. Included in this package is: One-On-One or Group wellness training sessions up to six people (more people can join upon request) that can be on-site or off site Very affordable pricing structure Nutritional Coaching session Yoga/Pilates instruction from our experts Meditation, stress release session Fitness Diagnostic Assessments so you can measure your progress Customized Strength, Cardiovascular and Flexibility Programs, Core Training, Calisthenics, and stress release to get you the best results on both a physical and mental level Unlimited Wellness Coaching through email and phone to make sure you are reaching your goals All fitness levels are welcome. Your Certified Personal Trainers will provide you with the guidance and knowledge you need that allows you to enjoy your wedding and all that follows. You now have a wellness support team you can count on to help you achieve all your goals every step of the way. Born Ready Fitness & Wellness is committed to getting you the results you’re after! We look forward to meeting with you soon. Born Ready Fitness
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