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Full Legal & Licensed Marriage Arrangement for foreign couple in Bali
Denpasar, Indonesia Sari Yusuf
How to get legally married in Bali? Marriage in Indonesia requires a religious ceremony. Indonesian law requires that both parties must be of the same religion and the marriage must conform to the laws of the countries of the parties involved. Depending on the type of religious marriage ceremony, there are different requirements to make a marriage in Indonesia legally valid. If your fiancé is Muslim, the ceremony must be officiated by Muslim officiant or called as 'Penghulu' from the local Office of Religious Affairs Kantor Urusan Agama (KUA)). The KUA will issue a Marriage Book (Buku Nikah), which is evidence of a legally valid marriage with a Muslim. A Muslim marriage ceremony does not need Civil Registration (Catatan Sipil). Other religious ceremonies require Civil Registration. If you are a Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu you must hold the religious ceremony first, then record the marriage with the Civil Registry Office (Dinas Kependudukan or Kantor Catatan Sipil). The Civil Registry will issue a Marriage Certificate (Akte Perkawinan or Surat Nikah), which is evidence of a legally valid marriage with a non-Muslim. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED : * Passports * Birth certificate * Copy of Decree Absolute if divorced * Copy of Death Certificate of former spouse if applicable * Copy of Documentary evidence of any change of name (eg, former marriage certificate/deed poll) * Certificate of No Impediment to marry (CNI) * Four 4×6 cm photos, both partners side by side, bride on right hand side, with no bare shoulders showing. Red photo background for non muslim couple and blue photo background for muslim couple. Note: American, Australian and Brits could get their CNI at the respective consular office in Bali PACKAGE INCLUSION: * Document translation to Bahasa Indonesia by sworn translator * Religious wedding ceremony by either Christian pastor or moslem officiant * Religious marriage certificate or Buku Nikah for moslem * Civil marriage certificate issued by Bali Civil Registry office * Civil marriage certificate legalization by Ministry of Foreign affair, Ministry of Law & Human Rights, the respective embassy (depending on client's nationality) * Shipment of the legalized marriage certificate your address using Fedex or similar courier service PAYMENT DETAILS: * 50% deposit upon confirmation * 50% balance 30 days before the big day DELIVERY TERMS: * Religious and civil marriage certificate are issued on the wedding day. * The civil marriage certificate shall be legalized by Ministry of Foreign affair, Ministry of Law & Human Rights, the respective embassy (depending on client's nationality) in Jakarta. This process might take 2 to 4 weeks. * We will courier the legalized civil marriage certificate to your address OUR EXPERIENCE: To date we have successfully arranged legal marriage for the following: Malaysian couple, Malaysian - British, Indonesian - Norwegian couple, Norwegian couple, Indonesian - Australian couple, Moroccan - Australian couple, French - Italian couple, British - American couple DISCLAIMER: * Wedding venue is not included in the package. Normally wedding ceremony takes place at couple's accommodation - hotel/villa. * Additional cost varied from US$ 200 - US$ 350 shall the civil marriage certificate needs to be translated into the couple's native language (ie French) or need notarial documents/power of attorney from Bali attorney