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Wedding packages Da Nang (Đà Nẵng), Vietnam

Price per guest, USD
Full day wedding photography
Da Nang, Vietnam
Type of shoot: love story, wedding, honeymoon, single bridal and portrait Our price will be included We will set up a professional ekip to serve for you. Our ekip include 1 photographer, 1 Stylist and 1 make-up artist. Our photoshooting packet last in one day. 16 seat-car will be provided in the day of photoshooting In the day of photoshooting the bride will have 1 ao dai( traditional clothes) and 3 wedding dresses. If you don't want ao dai, you will have 4 wedding dresses.The groom will have 2 different veston. The price will be included make up and 5 hair style After photoshooting day we will design your photos and let you check what photos you want. After having your agree , we will print your album. We have free service to pick up you at Danang interational Airport, Bus or Train Station. * Promotion: We also offer you 1 album 30*30 size 30*30( 10 sheets, 20 pages) 1 big photo sizes 60*90, 10 small photos sizes 13*18, 1 mika photo cover, 1 DVD original file and 1 DVD slide full HD. *Payment: Bank Transfer
Full wedding story photography
Da Nang, Vietnam
All fees include expenses for all travel and lodging (NO HIDDEN FEES) Location scouting and consultation with Bride & Groom prior to shoot - Photography coverage Incl. preparation, ceremony and party after Deliverables All Wedding & Pre-Wedding Photos will be delivered in Web resolution (Facebook ect) and Print Resolution (ready for printing large photo). All images will be delivered via secure download link from the photographer’s server Photographer selection of images posted in a gallery online to share with family and friends What will you do on the wedding day? Typically, Ehrin (and a second photographer if you choose to have two) will start documenting your day from the very beginning and will stay until the end. After the ceremony, we will normally do a series of group shots of all the family members and then do a series of wedding portrait images with just the bride and groom in their attire. For most of the day we will be with you to document everything that happens while at the same time grabbing special moments between your family and friends, getting details of the wedding that you spent months picking out and capturing an overall sense of the day. How do you normally work? Ehrin’s style is purely a documentary one and will work quietly in the background as your day unfolds. For the group photos, Ehrin will help guide everyone on where to stand ect. For the portrait session with the bride and groom, Ehrin will help guide you as well, but ideally he would like you to relax and just enjoy moment with your partner and let him capture these these real moments and feelings at this time. He always finds that if couples let their guard down and just focus on the moment that this is where you can get really amazing images that really couldn’t be setup. Can you give us any tips to get the best images of our wedding day? Please don’t forget to give Ehrin at least 30-60 min to do a bride and groom portrait session after the ceremony. If it is at all possible, try to have the wedding ceremony end around 3:30-4:15PM so that there is some light left in the day for the group photos and bride and groom portraits. If you have large group of people then you will need to make a compromise on what you would like, a variety of group shots or nice collection of intimate bride and groom portraits.Sometimes people forget and regret it later as it will be dark and will limit on what can be captured. If this does happen, do not be worried we will still be able to get some amazing images. If there are 2 photographers, then the 2nd photographer will be able to take the group photos while Ehrin works with you on the bride and groom Portrait session. Besides that, just have a great time and enjoy your day! What can we expect to receive? Usually you can expect to receive anywhere between 500 to 1000 edited images depending on the number of photographers you choose and how long the day is. These images will be edited by Ehrin and will be in either color or black and white. We will post your images in a Dropbox folder for you to download in print and web resolution so that you can share them with your family and friends easily.