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Wedding packages Choc (Gros-Islet), Saint Lucia

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Beach wedding with fascinating sea views and tropical landscapes
Choc, Saint Lucia
Weddings in Paradise Wedding package (Villa Beach Cottages) The following items will be provided at a cost Legal fees. Registrar fees. General Wedding co-ordination i.e. organizing the services of a Registrar, arranging the ceremony and the reception. Ordering the bride's bouquet, the buttonhole for the bridegroom and any extra request by the couple. Bouquet for the bride. Buttonhole for groom. . Wedding cake. Two bottles of Champagne at the wedding reception. Fruit/Cheese basket. Decorated location (Gazebo with tropical flowers or other location on property). Documentation Original documents required are: A. Valid passports. B. Birth certificates. C. If one of the parties is a divorcee, the divorce certificate including the Decree Absolute is required. D. In the case of a widow/ widower a death certificate is required. E. If change of name by deed poll then proof is required; likewise if names or initials on the above documents of one of the parties do not occur. F. If under age of 18, evidence of consent of parents is required in the form of an affidavit stamped by the Notary Public. Please note statutory declaration stating present marital status is not required. Residency There is a required period of two full working days in St. Lucia before application can be made to the Attorney General. Time must be allowed to process the application, therefore please bear in mind that a total of at lease three-five full working days must be allowed before the wedding. Ceremony The ceremony is conducted by the Registrar and is legal according to British law. Ceremonies are arranged Mondays-Fridays, between 9am and 5:30pm. The date and time selected is subject to the Registrar’s availability and should be confirmed before arrival. Marrying in a Commonwealth country means however that the only record of your wedding is your Marriage Certificate. If this is mislaid, you will need to contact the registrar in St. Lucia. Your Marriage Certificate is given to you on your wedding day. List of optional extras available for weddings: Photography, full video production, professional decorators & florist, music (steel band, trio, guitarist or saxophonist), professional hairdresser & manicurist and other services requested. N.B. Cost of these extra services is confirmed in advance.