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Transportation packages Ashington (England), United Kingdom

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Wedding car hire
Ashington, United Kingdom Anthony Gilsenan
My owner-driven 1959 classic Jaguar is unique and there is no other quite like it thanks to its Endeavour Morse TV history! And above all else I just love doing weddings in UFF325! I meet wonderful people who really appreciate the service I offer throughout Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Berkshire and London. Book with me and you are assured of great value, on time service and a beautifully presented vehicle. With over 300 weddings under my belt over the past 20 years, I know what it takes to help ensure that your day runs smoothly. Detailed preparation down to the very last item is essential - it takes up to 2 hours just to prepare the car and that is before you see it! I look forward to being of service; please contact me for availability and a detailed estimate as the figure quoted is only a guide. Thank you. Anthony