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Dresses and accessories packages City of Johannesburg, South Africa

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Custom-made wedding dresses
Roodepoort, South Africa
Made to exactingly high standards, All our garments are one-of-a-kind, made for beautiful SEVENOV Brides everywhere. If you have an idea of what you would like, or you would like us to design for you, we can work together to draw a design you will love. This process will cost 250 USD and includes much communication back and forth to ensure that the design we have in the end is as stunning as you could hope for. Once we have the exact design, we are able to send a quote. If you are happy to continue with us we will require a 50% deposit on the Quoted price (to begin work on The Dress and buy all the materials and detailing that we will need). Having received the deposit and your measurements, we will work on the pattern and the lining layer. We will send the lining layer to you for you to try it on. We can then video chat to check where the fit needs to be tweaked and hear any concerns you may have. Thereafter we continue with the dress and communicate accordingly. We will require approximately 6 months to make The Stunning one-of-a-kind SEVENOV Wedding Dress. Please note that we will need all correspondence to be in English. The Dress will fit correctly especially after the lining fitting if you are sure to please keep your measurements consistent. No losing or gaining weight as we are working on your fixed measurements at the start of the process.